Mermaid's fact or fiction

7/30/09  at 2:09 PM
The monthly Babbage Ball was a roaring success once again and a hotbed of gossip and rumour. This correspondent noted however that a new theme was developing and it has piqued her curiousity.

There has it seems been a marked increase in reports of Mermaids from sailors arriving in the taverns surrounding the port district. Those who hold themselves above such fantastical speculation dismiss such nonsense and yet there is a growing body of evidence to support these tales. A respected physician, Doctor Katri Kaligawa, has been exhibiting her findings recently and these include a detailed anatomical analysis of the remains of an unknown lifeform washed up near the port and appearing to confirm the reality of the mythical mer-people.

Doctor Kaligawa's exhibition can be found here :

Your correspondent

Beq Janus


Breezy Carver said...
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Viv Trafalgar said...

hmph. mermaids - a figment!

Dr. Kaligawa's exhibit is amazing... though her acquisition of the anatomical subject is... would be a dreadful breach of etiquette, should mermaids actually ... ah well. Figment. Entirely.