Breaking News - The battle for Babbage

7/3/09  at 4:15 AM
Last night the city shook as forces clashed at sea and on the streets.  A fierce fight between the oppressive forces of the Obolenskidonian state and the rebels and their allies from the 5 nations raged throughout the evening and though information is still sparse, this correspondent has been able to elicit a few facts from the rumours that are rife.

Much jubilation has followed and this is perhaps the clearest indication that the Obolenskidonian forces were defeated heavily. However, in a press release published late last night. Zebrati Merricks, who some say is the closest and most favoured of Doctor Obolensky's generals announced that the Obolenskidonian forces had been defeated and furthermore that the Doctor himself is missing presumed dead following the destruction of his own "giant clank". Mr Zebrati has seemingly taken control of the remaining forces and withdrawn.

The press release finished with an ominous message "Rest well with the victory you hold over
our heads while you still can. One day we will rain down revenge upon
your heads."

Welcome back New Babbage, long may you prosper.

your faithful correspondent

Beq Janus

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