Story-telling with Saffia at the CocoJava Cafe

7/22/09  at 6:30 PM

Miss Ceejay Writer of the Cocojava Cafe is pleased to announce what it is hoped will be the first Story-telling evening at the CocoJava Cafe in Babbage Palisade, to take place on Friday 24th July at 4pm SLT.

The story-teller will be Miss Saffia Widdershins, who will be telling a story of her own devising - one of her Tales of the Dardoli*.

The cafe (a popular hunt for New Babbage residents, including the Mayor who can often be found there ... resting after a hard day's labour). In addition to other events held there, a recent gathering for silent work proved a great success, and Miss Writer, the proprietress, hopes that other varied events will find an audience.

*To learn who (or what) the Dardoli are, Miss Widdershins idicates that you should come to the reading!


Capt. Red Llewellyn said...

Oh Miss Saffia Widdershins, how exciting! The Dardoli?... colour me curious...
~Capt. Red

Viv Trafalgar said...

I'm there. With bells on.

Ceejay Writer said...

I love this. The first in what I hope may be many storytelling nights! Perhaps Saffia might even bring along her delightful trays of cakes for the listeners.