Happy Birthday, Mister Tesla

7/10/09  at 6:50 AM

Today marks the 153rd birthday of Nikola Tesla. It is ironic that he has become so highly regarded, long after his death. Even Google gives proper homage to his work, and please do read the comments.

On this day we should all pay attention
To Tesla's great gift of invention
In the currency race
He took second place
And died broke and without a pension

The City/State of New Babbage is certainly a place that honors Tesla and his visions - but surely there are other locations in Second Life we should know of! Please share with us, through a reply to this entry, and tell us what you have found. It would be quite fitting to take a journey in his honor, while making fine use of a technology that owes a debt to Nikola Tesla himself.

(also born on this day: Arlo Guthrie, Arthur Ashe, Alice Munro, Eunice Shriver, Carl Orff, Helene Dutrieu, Mary McLeod Bethune, Marcel Proust, Nikola Tesla, Camille Pissaro, and the Primgraph's very own Miss Viv Trafalgar's typist!)

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