Happy Hour at 1920's Berlin

7/27/09  at 3:45 PM
It is 2pm SLT, in the back streets of 1920s Berlin, a door flies open and the small form of Fraulein Jo rushes out into the rain. Pulling on an apron over the top of her washed out drab cotton dress, she clatters across the cobbled streets, nodding to the street walker leant miserably against the lamp post, her old leather trench coat pulled close against the persistent rain. Along the street she runs, down the steps to fling open the doors of Der Kellar, her bar.

“Damen und Herren, its Happy hour in 1920s Berlin”, she shouts.

It is not long before people start to arrive, The Cellar attracts an eclectic mix of people. Flapper girls and their beaus are soon dancing to the 1920s music pumping from the radio, at the bar housewives and travellers alike share their gossip as Fraulein Jo or one of her staff polish glasses and keep the guests supplied with drink. Even the streetwalker takes a break from her lonely post in the rain, warming herself with alcohol.

Every day a scene like this can be found in Berlin, as at 2pm 7 days a week Berlin springs to life for Happy Hour. Dancers and musicians may occasionally be found on stage. The waiter and bar staff along with the other guests will keep you entertained and there are always good, cheap cigarettes available.

I recommend a visit to 1920s Berlin at any time of day, but to capture the unique atmosphere created by Fraulein Jo and her friends, come join us for Happy Hour 2pm SLT daily.

1920s Berlin in SL: http://slurl.com/secondlife/dudintsev/92/77/500/

You can also find a flickr photogroup here: http://www.flickr.com/groups/20sberlin/pool/

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