Jubilation as Babbage mayor returns (again)

7/6/09  at 1:41 AM
The city state of New Babbage, last night received the news it had been waiting for as Clockwinder Tenk, the much loved mayor of the city was found alive.

Regular readers will recall that Mr Tenk was cast adrift by Dr. Obolensky after having fallen into a devious trap that exploited has alleged addiction. Later it emerged through unconfirmed reports that General Cadmus Lupindo had destroyed the bottle.

Before this news took hold however signs of the clockwinder began to appear, restoring hope to the resistance and spurring them on to the rebellion that finally ousted the regime, the clockwinder had returned, his red hat had been seen, Tenk was back. However, there was one discrepancy in these events, it was not Tenk but a cunningly placed imposter, used by the secret services to cast doubt upon the tale of General Lupindo and set fear amongst their rank, and boost the morale of the loyaBabbagers, but to those who knew him, it was clearly not the clockwinder.

One brave naval officer, seriously wounded in the early hours of the battle for the Vernian sea, refused to give up hope and she vowed to find the real clockwinder dead or alive.

First reports came in from the ship's telegraph of the NBS Charger. Commander Dagger, true to her word, had taken her ship and using Lupindo's own reports and naval charts found the remains of the bottle, Lupindo had indeed destroyed bottle, but the cork had survived and the clockwinder had strapped himself to it.

A full report of the incident will be found in the naval logs when they are made public.

The clockwinder's return was greeted by a small cheering crowd at the dockside where he was checked over by Doctor Dayafter, and pronounced both well and authentic.

The streets are alive with talk of his return, Babbage is once again aflame this time with jubilant celebrations.

This correspondent salutes the great heroes of New Babbage, the men and women who never gave up hope and have had their loyalty rewarded.

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