Tribal Week at Cala Mondrago - A Success!

4/11/11  at 7:34 AM

As a new week begins, the citizens of Cala Mondrago are resting and reflecting on their first Tribal Week. The festival ran April 4-9, with each day featuring special events. New vendors found their way into the city, lured by the Magistrate's generous offer of free Tribal Week vending carts lining the roads of the shopping district. Eager shoppers found quite a variety of goods for sale as they roamed the sandy streets in between events.

Tribal Week officially began with a kick off party at the Chai Me Up coffee house, followed by dancing at the Laughing Djinn. Besides lots and lots of bellydancing, which this desert oasis is well-known for, Tribal Week offered the "Silks, Sass, and Brass" Fashion Show sponsored by Vlintuition and for male attire, Avatar Bizarre. The Riot Tavern presented a comedy event, and for the more studious, the film "A History of Belly Dance" was aired.

Visitors and locals participated eagerly in the Belly Dance Amateur Hour, and thrilled to an all-week competition on the en garde fencing piste. Astoundingly, Miss Jedburgh30 Dagger walked away the champion of both these events, proving that she is not just another pretty face.

Saturday night brought the "Sheik and Sari Ball" followed by a symbolic dousing of the flame as dancers performed with fire sticks (and chittered competitive taunts at each other!) before extinguishing the flames, bringing a most exciting week to a close.

Learn more about Cala Mondrago at their shiny new community. Join up, and get to know these warm, creative, friendly people!

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