Designing Worlds visits the amazing Fantasy Faire

4/9/11  at 1:44 PM

The annual Fantasy Faire is a 9-sim extravaganza celebration with a slant toward elves, fairies, dragons, mermaids plus many more role playing fans. The 10 day event features some amazing and impressive builds to visit and is part of the Relay For Life in SL campaign to benefit the American Cancer Society.

Sadly, we were only able to share with you a relatively small part of this terrific event - we can only recommend that you go and visit for yourselves ... and make sure you donate! The Faire will be open until April 10th.

If you want to learn more about the amazing individual regions at the Faire, follow Beq Janus's daily posts on the Primgraph blog!

After the show, Saffia was captured and placed in jail to raise funds for Relay for Life. Despite valiant efforts by friendly dragons to free her, she was held fast until she posted bail of L$50,000!

Saffia in Jail, and visited by a friendly fire lizard - Photo by PJ Trenton

Rumour has it that Tricia Aferdita, host of Metaverse Arts, was similarly incarcerated on Thursday!

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