Special Charity Land Auction in New Babbage

4/17/11  at 5:29 AM

Have you ever fancied yourself as a bold industrialist but lacked the right land to build your factory? Or are you an eccentric inventor in need of a laboratory? Then come to New Babbage next Saturday, the 23rd day of April, at 1 o'clock in the afternoon to witness the unprecedented auction of prime industrial land in the City State of New Babbage. Each lot purchased will be granted 4 weeks of rent pre-paid by the mayor himself and all proceeds from this wonderous occasion will be donated to charity.

New Babbage has everything a neo-victorian industrialist or steampunk could want. A community of like-minded and ever modest geniuses, unlimited steam power, air you can cut with a knife and the new modern essntial, a plentiful supply of largely disposable urchin labour.

The following prime lots will be auctioned off by Mayor Tenk on Saturday, April 23, at 1pm SLT.

Do not miss this wonderful opportunity to live out your entrepreneurial dream.
All proceeds will go to New Babbage Relay For Life of Second Life.

Lot #16. Gatto Gelatto. 1536sqm 351 prims. Corner lot on canals, water level.

Lot #20. Galleria del Gatto A. 1280sqm 292 prims. Canal access, water level.

Lot #21. Galleria del Gatto B. 1024 sqm 234 prims. Canal access, water level.

Lot #25. Militia HQ. 1024sqm 234 prims. Canal access, water level.

Lot #26. Wiggyfish cannery. 1024sqm 234 prims. Canal access, water level.

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