Fantasy Faire 2011 - Day 7 - Exotic Worlds

4/9/11  at 4:29 AM
You raised L$510,804 on Day 6 and brought us to more than $14,700 USD.  On Day 6 we were awed by Alia's generosity, by Druscilla's kindness, by Jayjay and Tricia's bravery and by the voices of Lisa, Stella and Edward.  Nevar shook the heavens with Jail and Bail. Joonie rocked with DJs Aryon, Gecko and Bcreative.  Dwen was at the ready and Quad and Lauren defended the realm. A notice is all too brief, so its good we know these people by their first names. Its like that with family. Next time; The Plan..... - Zander Greene, Friends Fighting Cancer
Day 7 - Exotic Worlds
Written by Beq Janus
Photos by Judith LeFevre

Like James Bond, emerging from the sea, we unzip our dry suits and shrug off our mer avatars, to stroll nonchalantly into a tropical paradise. Today we are visiting Exotic Worlds, the southern sim of the ring of eight Fantasy Faire sims. A tropical wilderness with forest and swamp, it could be a high class hotel complex in the Seychelles, until you notice that the vegetation is not quite of this world, something akin to Pandora from the movie Avatar, lush beautiful scenery landscaped by the skilled hand of Elicio Ember.

We enter from the east leaving behind the delights of the Sea of Mer. We are heading towards the insane dreamworld of Fantastical and Magical to the west of us and on our way we will pass through the other-worldy swamplands and see what the merchants have in store. As we have come to expect, the path traces around the edges of the sim, we enter at the far southern edge, turning north and heading up towards the inner border. The stores here are wooden framed and hung with large canvas walls, the roofs interlocking curves in a wave-like form, all the work of the builder who clearly must never sleep, Miss
 Mayah Parx, becaused she seems to have a hand in some aspect of many of the womnderful sims we have enjoyed thus far.
The merchants camped out in the tent-like stores are an eclectic bunch, ranging from Na'vi avatars that would be perfectly at home here alongside Manga avatars and zombie AOs to a store selling space ships, presumably to allow us to fly home later. A literal extra-terrestrial expo.
Between the shops strange line runes glow from standing stones, beckoning to be researched more thoroughly but as far as I have been able to discover, they have nothing beyond the power to mesmerise with the pulsating light.
Turning west at the top of the sim we head over to the Gazebo telehub. The hub here is reminiscent of a giant tiffany glass lamp, it stands astricde the decked walkway at one with the organic world about it. Also organically minded, the sim sponsor Petable's store is foudn adjacent to the gazebo. Petable create all manner of "breedables", flowers and beasties alike, all housed in a multi-story version of the tropical huts.

At this point of our journey we can take a break from shopping.
Opposite the main store is a bar and lounge area where you can sit and look out across the swamp, happily considering the oft forgotten benefit of Second Life, the lack of mosquitoes. As we sit and sip our cocktails we spy the same glowing menhirs that lined the pathway out in the swamps.
Out in the midst of the swamp a ring of standing stones guard a sunken maze. A puzzle that will keep the archaeologists returning to this planet year after year (if only it were not to implode in just 3 days time). Giant trees rise powerfully from the swamp, stretching high into the skies above.
The more intrepid can take advantage of the weaker gravity here and fly to the tree top platforms.

Returning back to the pathway, our cocktails finished, swamp mud baked dry to our legs, we turn west at the gazebo. Two giant statues command our attention at the corner and we then turn to the south for the home stretch. The forest is starting to encroach upon the walkway as we near the end of our visit here. Just before we reach the glistening ocean to the south of us we spy the gateway that will lead us to the
temptations of Fantastical and Magical. We have seen already the work of Mayah Parx, but we have yet to see what she can do when let lose on a sim. With anticipation we walk towards the two giant toadstools that frame the entrance.......
See you all tomorrow when we sample the delights of the Fantastical and Magical dream world of Miss Mayah Parx.

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