Fantasy Faire 2011 - Day 10 - And they all lived happily ever after

4/11/11  at 6:54 PM
She was as new as noobs get. One day old. And this was the first place she found.  I almost didn't say hi. Would have been a shame.  I'd have missed the best moment of the Faire. See, she goes for a biopsy this week and she's scared.  No one has yet said, "you have cancer." But the fear...We spoke a few minutes, about SL, Relay, the Faire. "All that money," she said. "Why do people give so much?" I often ask myself the same. "Because you're worth it," I said.  L$5,262,533. $21,540 US. Worth every cent. - Zander Greene, Friends Fighting Cancer.
Day 10 - And they all lived happily ever after

The title above, the cliched ending to a child's fairy story, tells us that it is over, Fantasy Faire 2011 has run its course. But the fact of the matter is that there is no end to the Relay, not until there is a "happily ever after" for all the victims of cancer.

Fantasy Faire 2011 has drawn to a close, we have walked many virtual miles, we'll consider it training for the big event yet to come. Now it is time to pack our bags and head off home. Before we leave, I would like to say a fond farewell to the amazing fantasies that our builders and creators wove for us. Judith LeFevre has supplied the vast majority of the images I have featured during my tour and I asked her to select a few that spoke to her of the places we saw.

But first, the Great Auction; anyone who has followed this blog wil have seen mention of the unique gazebos created in the theme of each sim, the gazebos stood at the landing point for each sim adjacent to the sponsors store. Each of these eight beautiful themed gazebos was individually auctioned off. Finally, to close off this amazing event, the full content of two of the sims and one of the most photographed, most talked about pieces, the mighty tower from Dark Mirage were auctioned.

Mayah Parx offered her entire build and landscaping on the delightful “Fantastical and Magical” sim and the combined talents of Lauren Thibaud, Piedras Chama and Nonna Hedges offered their gorgeous “Forest of Light” sim build and landscaping whilst Markus Inkpen and Sharni Azalee offered the stunning tower and bridge from their sim.

The auction attracted a lot of interest and a spectacular $L 322 200 was raised during the proceedings, that is almost 1300 US dollars. The highlight of the auction was the entire sim build of Fantastical and Magical  which went for a whopping $L 105k or 420 US dollars, and I am certain that the buyer will still feel that they got a bargain for such an incredible creation.

To repeat the total from Zander's comment above.
The Fantasy Faire 2011 raise in excess of 21,500 US Dollars or 5.2 million Linden dollars.
An amazing feat and a tribute to all the talented and hardworking individuals that made the event such a success.

There are many factors that go in to making the Fantasy Faire the special event that it is, but perhaps more than anything it is the sense of solidarity that arises when people, both creators and fantasy fans alike, unite from around the globe with one common goal, to help raise money to find a cure that finally lays Cancer to rest.

Fantasy is about the impossible. It is our dreams and our childhood memories. It is our hopes and our desire to explore and discover the unknown. The Fantasy Faire brings together people who know that beyond the Land of Possible, there exists an entire unmapped World of the Improbable residing in a Universe of the Impossible. These are the same people for who a Cure for Cancer is just a matter of time.
We Relay because we know that together the Impossible becomes Possible.

                              Friends Fighting Cancer - April 2011

Now as promised Judith has picked a image from each of her sets. These are picked not necessarily for techncal merit or composition but simply for the personal memory that they convey. I asked her to chose just one from each sim, to which she blanched having taken in excess of 800 photos. Here, however, in no particualr order are her chosen images.

Exotic Worlds

Nemo Revisited

Fantastical and Magical

Enchanted Mysts

Forest Of Shadow

Sea OF Mer

Forest Of Light

Dark Mirage

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