Weekend RFLofSL antics from Team Caledon

5/11/11  at 3:10 PM
-Lucien Brentano, Team Caledon Technology and Communications

Good afternoon and well met!

As the 2011 Relay for Life of SecondLife season reaches the halfway point, Team Caledon is ramping up their schedule of fun and innovative fundraising events. This weekend, Team Caledon presents not one but TWO events for the Steampunk set - the Time-Essentail Airship Wreck Rally (TEAWR) on Saturday, May 14 followed on Sunday by Fishing For Life. Both events promise to be wacky, fun-filled affairs, with the wacky, edge-of-your-seat danger of the TEAWR counterbalanced nicely by the soothing, yet still amusing Neo Realms ichthyoid-hunting of Fishing for Life.

We hope to see you there!

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