Kudos To The Nation of AL Andalus with a Most Special Thank YOU for The Generous RFLSL Donation To Three Steamland RFLTeams!

5/12/11  at 4:12 AM
 Kudos  To The Nation of AL Andalus with  a Most Special Thank YOU for The Generous RFLSL Donation To Three Steamland RFL Teams !
As we all rush around in "all our worlds" It is important and nice
to take and make time to give thanks and Make note of a Beautiful Nation
that took and made the time to do then give and share with us ..
Until there is a Cure  we all Relay !!  
The Nation of Al Andalus ..
had an amazing event this Past weekend to benefit Relay for Life of Second Life ..
But here is the catch they donated all the money they earned to
three other active Sister Nations with Relay For Life of Second Life Teams .
Each of these said nations were most touched and honored to be thought of ..
This Post is a tribute and thank you from each of us to The Al Andalus Nation ..
Rose Donates 43,500.00 lindens to The New Babbage Relay For Life of Second Life Kiosk


We've placed vendors for Team Caledon, Aether Choronauts and New Babbage in key locations.
These are the teams we will divide our horse auction proceeds among. The horse auction is at noon.
It would be great if you could advertise Feria For Life on your groups.
Al Andalus does not have a RFL team, and this is not a RFL sanctioned event...
We are a non profit in our own right, but want to give back without the commitment necessary to have a team.
And we support your work!
Thanks. Rose.
"Around the sims you will see vendors for three of our sister sims's RFL teams.
As you know, we do not charge anything for our Feria events, though hours and hours of volunteer time and resources go into the planning.
Please consider this your chance to say thank you to your volunteers, by donating to the Kiosks.
Cancer has had its day, it is time to stop it."
The Results

Below is the letter we each received after this Amazing Event .
Dear Relay for Life Liasions: Caledon, New Babbage and Aether Chrononauts:

As you know, the Al Andalus Sims celebrated our third Feria last week. I hope you got to go to some of the events as they were all quite excellent. From discussions on creating trustworthy space in our communities to the silly fun of riding Bart the Bull, we are very proud of the event. But the one that makes us most proud directly effects you. On Saturday, May 7, we designated the day "Feria for Life." The events included a concert by Arimo Teixeira, a charity Amaretto Horse Auction and a closing ball. The participants were all informed that donations made that day would be made to RFL, through your teams.
The auction was organized by Lilith Ivory, who spent many hours collecting horses, setting up the Auction, preparing notecards with all the details or the horses, and securing and working with a professional Auctioneer, Chuckie Boozehound, who called the Auction.

It was held in the Fortress of the Al Andalus Ahlambra.
All the horses were freely donated by Amaretto Breeders across the grid. We also accepted donations that were not tied to the purchases. The auctioneer was paid 10% of the proceeds of the Auction tally.
Al Andalus chose to support your teams because of your support of our people and events in the past. We considered having our own team, but just didn't have the time to participate in RFL at the level of quality that we have come to expect from our group.

I am happy to report to you that the horse auction including both purchase prices and donations netted 130500 L for RFL. Your teams share of that is 43,500 L. In addition, we rezzed kiosks with your teams number through the sims at the events. Those kiosks show additional donations to the three teams totaling 3050 L, which were paid on your teams behalf directly to RFL.
Please advise how you wish the transfer of funds to be made.
Thank you for your hard work for RFL, and your friendship.
Very truly yours,
Rose Springvale.

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Poppy said...

Such a wonderful and generous sharing of RFL funds from Al Andalus' Feria for Life. I know how much work and effort was put forth before, during and after this event.

Team Caledon is pleased to accept the L$43,500 from this event and hopes that one day we can be so generous to the residents of Al Andalus.

Speaking on behalf of Team Caledon 2011, thank you, Al Andalus! You truly are another ray of hope for the future of cancer victims