Farewell, Farewell from The Primgraph Magazine

5/14/11  at 6:07 AM
Today I have some sad news to share with you.

After a lot of reflection and discussion, we have decided to close The Primgraph as a magazine. It will continue as – I hope – a very active blog, with its mixture of news and events and the occasional story.

The Quest for the Golden Prim will also continue as a free-standing quarterly. Indeed, we are looking into ways to bring this to a wider audience outside virtual worlds.

The Primgraph Press in Glengarry will be closed which is, frankly, breaking my heart as I loved that build and the AWESOME printing press created for us by Edward Pearse.

The Daily Prim offices in Seraph City will remain, to be used as the basis for roleplay. We plan to run more murder mysteries from there.

Why are we closing the magazine?
To put it simply, the revenue we raise through the magazine doesn’t make it economically viable. Prim Perfect has, in effect, had to underwrite The Primgraph – and that just doesn’t make sense.

This has been despite the best efforts of a whole range of people – including our three ad managers: Diva Regina, Elegia Underwood and Bellaluna Galaxy. They all worked extremely hard, but it became very clear that the market for The Primgraph is, sadly, too small to sustain a magazine of the quality we wanted to produce.

Both Bellaluna and Terry Lightfoot (our amazing designer) have, with regret, stepped down after the last issue for real life reasons. However, Terry has agreed to help us make a Farewell issue of the magazine which will go out later this year, which will contain the second half of Denny Kozlov’s brilliant story, A Clockwork Romance, among other things.

What about Prim Perfect?
Prim Perfect is doing very well indeed. We have a very solid core of advertisers and the magazine is financially sound and very popular. So we are glad of having time freed up where we can continue to grow this and other projects.

And we are delighted to say that you will be able to continue to read our great writers and see the work of our awesome photographers in Prim Perfect and – we hope – on The Primgraph blog.

Saffia Widdershins, Editrix
Ceejay Writer, Deputy Editrix


Bookworm Hienrichs said...


Thank you to all of the Primgraph staff for all of your wonderful work!

Rhianon Jameson said...

Many thanks to everyone who made all those wonderful issues of The Primgraph! I look forward to more news from around the Steamlands on this Aetheric Journal.

Beq said...

I am beyond sad about this. Primgraph was unique and it is a tragic loss. I hope to keep a fire under her boilers through this blog lest she her gears rust and seize.

Troy McConaghy said...

Totally understandable. Perhaps you could move some of the more popular aspects of The Primgraph into Prim Perfect?

Second Style also folded recently, for the same reason, so I'm glad to read that Prim Perfect is still financially sound.

Anonymous said...

Wow... that is a real shock-a-roo. Shame, really, since Steampunk is alive and well in SL. It may not be "economically viable" but it is something people enjoy.