New Babbage takes up arms against the purple menace

5/13/11  at 5:20 PM
Breaking news from our reporter in New Babbage, Beq Janus.

As reported earlier today the patience of the citizens of New Babbage had been pushed beyond breaking point. This evening a purple posse descended upon the Port area of New Babbage with only one thing in mind. To put a stop to the perpetrator of this purple pigmented persecution. Gathering upon the quayside armed with wrenches and all manner of bizarre and unlikely weaponry the small but committed group stood facing the ship as it relentlessly fired its missiles into the heart of our city.

Gentlemen,ladies, mer, fae and beasts, one and all, of a single minded determination to end this tyranny, waited until just before 3pm when they charged the great iron ship and began the mission to destroy the vessel.

For over an hour they assaulted the hull and armaments of the vessel but to no avail, a steady stream of purple projectiles were still be shot deep into the city. If there was anybody inside the ship they never made their presence known. the valiant citizens' army battled on and were soon joined by Commodore Dagger and her naval ironclads.

With the ironclads pounding her hull and the boarding party, trying to dismantle the vessel bolt by bolt, the paint ship showed no sign of relenting. Until in one final consolidated assault a loud pop was heard from within the confines of the ship and the great gun ceased to fire. An almighty cheer echoed form the walls of the surrounding buildings of the port. Mission accomplished the good people of Babbage had once again shown the Doctor that his plans no matter how evil, would never crush them.

Tonight the vessel sits silently languishing in its own purple slick. The city waits with bated breath to see how the Doctor reacts. Already there are rumours that the Doctor himself was in the ship but the wiser heads note that the doctor rarely does his own dirty work.

(( Tonight, by virtue of the generous actions of the residents of New Babbage, Team New Babbage passed the 2000 US dollar fund raising milestone, making New Babbage the first steamlands team to become a platinum RFLSL team for 2011. This weekend marks the hlaf way point of the campaign for 2011. I look forward to seeing what more can be achieved in the coming weeks. ))

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Poppy Zabelin said...

What a great story, Beq! And thank you for 'showing the purple'! Go RELAY!