New Babbage sees red over purple onslaught

5/13/11  at 12:30 PM
For nearly a week not the citizens of New Babbage have lived under fire; a barrage of burgundy bombs launched upon the city by an evil genius.

Our New Babbage reporter Beq Janus who broke the news of this attack last weekend posted the following report this morning.

I woke this morning, this the sixth morning since the barrage began, and stared out across a sea of purple rooftops. Despite the litter of unexploded mauve missiles across our fair city, it is clear that many assaults have been succesful.

From the rooftops and walls to airships and chimney stacks, factories, homes and shops. Everyone, I have met in the past few days has borne the purple stain upon their skin, evidence of their oppression. No doubt there will be many tales told in the pubs of Babbage of these purple days.But feelings are turning from resentment to rebellion, as one they are rising up, it is time this victimisation in violet ended.

The reports of the mysterious boat, so bravely brought back by the city spies, from the lair of the evil genius Doctor Obolensky were correct and accurate. It was indeed emblazoned with the word 'Red' and the word 'Blue'. One label per tank. The boat has been holding its own in the port all week bombarding the city with its mighty cannon. The dastardly doctor was mixing the purple paint and launching his attacks from the sea.

I have had word from Commdore Dagger of the New Babbage Navy, who have recently returned from manouvres, that they are ready to end this and will attack today. I have heard too, the mutterings of an uprising, a people's army against the purple menace.

If the rumours are to be believed many of the brave men and women of Babbage, their clothes and skin now tinted purple, will wear their colours as warpaint and descend upon the port en masse to assault the ship and take the doctor captive.

So I will be joining my fellows at 3pm SLT in Port Babbage to see the bitter end of this.I hope to see many comrades by my side.


From May 7 to May 13 the Second Life grid will be turning purple!

Thousands of Second Life residents will be painting their
stores and houses purple, wearing purple clothes, purple hair, even
purple skin, in order to show their support for the Relay For Life of Second Life and to spread a purple Message of Hope.

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