Store News from Willowhaven and from Julia!

7/4/10  at 12:56 PM
The fabulous Four Winds store found that they had had a lot of extra prims available their Castleworks region so Koshari Mahana decided to use some of her shops to create a Victorian and Vintage market, Willowhaven, available to other sellers. There are a total of 21 shops and 21 carts to rent.

Shops are going fast! They rented out almost 1/2 of the 21 shops in just the first day. Choose yours soon! Prims are flexible so if you need more or less just let Koshari know and she can adjust the box. All prims are 2L$ each.

"I think it will be nice to have an area with exceptionally talented merchants all in one place," says Koshari. "There are some rules (not so many) but they are designed to keep this a nice, attractive and lag free area."

The theme of the market is historical, 1700-1950. Koshari prefers Victorian and Vintage here but says that a little earlier and a little later is fine too. She is firm that there should be no modern or sci-fi element. Steampunk is welcomed but cyberpunk is not!

She will place an ad in Search each week, and asks sellers to let her know if there are any particular key words they would like her to use.

If you would like to set up a store in Willowhaven, contact Koshari Mahana inworld or send a notecard or email her at


Julia Collection's Unique Furniture is competing in the MadPea Hunt (from July 1st to 31st) with a really gorgeous prize of a Love Boat.

The boat contains multiple sit poses in the pillows as well as a lover's menu in the mattress, and is custom textured to give it a realistic look.

There's even a seagull on the canopy!

Find out more at the store.