Obituary: Greg Merryman - September 18, 2007 - July 15, 2010

7/18/10  at 8:55 PM

Greg Merryman passed away on July 15, 2010 at 11 a.m. SLT, 1 p.m. local time. For all those who were lucky enough to have met this man in world, or in real life, we were truly blessed. Though he called himself a grumpy old man, and was proud of it, he was an extremely loving and caring individual. He was a rock in the foundation of New Babbage, as well as in the Second Life of many.

Greg was a quiet builder, staying to the sky box many late nights working on amazing pieces. From his horizontal steam engine to his steelmill, everything he produced looked amazing and had his personality ingrained in it. He was not the one to tell you that your work was great when it was not, but he was one to offer his hand to teach you how to improve it.

Mr Merryman and friends on the ferris wheel he built for
the Babbage campsite, RFL 2009
Photograph supplied by Miss Breezy Carver

I remember when I first started to build my factory over a year and a half ago. I was building in the community stock yard, making what was to be a stationary crane. Greg came over, and within an hour had changed my mind and helped me to animate it. He stuck with me and taught me a great deal and had a large role in animating my work as well as teaching me a great deal about building. He was an amazing teacher, and many in New Babbage were blessed to hear his educational words of wisdom. He was never one afraid to help. If you had a question, you could bet Greg would have the answer, or try and find it.

"Our Hero of New Babbage"
Photograph supplied by Miss Breezy Carver

New Babbage and Second Life will never be the same without him. He has been a cornerstone to many, and an important member of the community that forms New Babbage. He was an amazing friend to the point that you felt as if he were family. He will be truly missed.

Greg Merryman - September 18, 2007 - July 15, 2010
Gregory "Greg" Allen Messer - February 18, 1965 - July 15, 2010

Written by Rip Wirefly

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