Errata in the Primgraph

7/18/10  at 7:18 PM
Sadly, although we strive for perfection, we do sometimes fall short, and errors creep into The Primgraph. Although no-one has yet turned up at the gates of The Primgraph Press in Glengarry, horsewhip in hand and a demand to see the editor on their lips, we do receive aetheric communications that Mistakes Have Been Made. These we will endeavour to correct, both through the medium of the blog, and in the next edition.

Two such errors did creep in to the latest edition.

Firstly, in the article on Steeltopia, there was a reference to "Steelhead Regulators, a mercenary group that acts as the law in those parts". This should, of course, have read "Steeltopia Regulators, a mercenary group that acts as the law in those parts". In addition, the new land that is planned to be added to the Steeltopian Empire is "Steeltopia Winchester", and not "Steelhead Winchester".

We offer our deepest apologies to his Excellency the Emperor, and hope that the rest of the articles concerning his realm met with his approval.

Secondly, in the article on Armada Breakaway, the photographs were attributed to Twisted Lemon. In fact, an additional three photographs taken by Armada residents were used:
The picture of Violet is by Violet MacMoragh
The picture of Bob is by Nikita Weymann
The picture of Remington Thursday is by Mako Kungfu
Unfortunately, although we were not aware of this at the time, Mr Kungfu's photograph appeared contrary to the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 license which applies to his photographs. For this we offer our deepest apologies. Those who wish to read more on the terms of this licence may do so here:

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