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Episode 2 of The Quest for the Golden Prim is now online, and you can enjoy the full episode through the wonders of Calameo – or read the pdf here!

In this episode you’ll meet our hero, Ralph Montcalm, a dashing pilot with the Royal Caledonian Air Force, and our heroine Annabella (Nan) Scott, living quietly in Caledon Cay with her strict governess, Miss Primm and her dog, Lola.

Both Ralph and Nan receive a mysterious summons from the Librarian – and wonder what it can mean.

But the Librarian isn’t the only person interested in Annabella Scott ...


What is the Quest for the Golden Prim?
It’s a new web steampunk comic that initially appears in The Primgraph magazine – the magazine for vintage and steampunk regions in Second Life . After that, individual pages appear weekly on The Quest for the Golden Prim blog, before a complete instalment is made available on Calameo for your enjoyment.

What’s the story?
A disparate band of academics, adventurers and assorted innocents are brought together to try to what happened to an earlier expedition to discover the fabled Golden Prim – an artefact of mysterious power. And as the expedition goes on, enemies emerge ... and secrets are revealed ...

How do I read it?
You get the latest instalment in The Primgraph, read individual pages on the Quest for the Golden Prim weblog (along with other news about the series) or wait for the whole episode to become available from Calameo.

But you can get background news on the series through special podcasts on Radio Riel – which you can also download from the iTunes store (just search on Radio Riel).

And many of the characters in the soap also have their own blogs, twitters, plurks and/or facebooks. For example, you can follow Miss Primm’s acerbic comments about Nan’s dilatory studying habits here on Plurk. Or you can read Ralph’s weblog here, or Crotty’s here. You can find out more about this by reading The Quest for the Golden Prim weblog.

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