Caledon's Holiday "Little Season"

11/28/09  at 8:42 AM
As winter skies darken and snow covers the land, Caledon shines in the light of holiday candles and burning Yule logs. Ladies wrap themeselves in their winter cloaks while making sure their gentlemen are wrapped in woolen scarves for outdoor events. Families and friends will gather for informal skating parties, snowball fights and sleigh rides. Many social gatherings are planned for Caledon's "Little Season".

Caledon Rothesay Skating Garden
Outdoor Displays
This coming December finds Caledon Rothesay the site of a garden skating pond. Rothesay's Skating Party will take place in the early days of December. Date and time will be centered around a special grand opening of an art exhibit: Iason Hassanov's Steampunk Dickensian Exhibit 2009. Mr. Hassananov's talents as a "stacker of prims", as he says, showcases the steampunk characters based on Charles Dickens The Christmas Carol. Guests to the exhibit will find an original tale by Mr. Hassanov based on the classic story. Do stop by in December to meet Tinny Tim and Bob Ratchet as well as Christmas Ghosts in their steampunk splendor.
Sneak peek of Iason Hassanov's Steampunk Dickensian Exhibit 2009

Sir J.J. Drinkwater, esteemed director of the Caledon Libraries, is hostessing the Yule Bonfire at his estate Book Ends on Caledon Highlands, December 19th from 7 pm SLT to 10 pn SLT. Friends will gather for toasting the season with mulled wine and watching the sparks of the Yule logs fly into the winter night skies. All are invited to attend to enjoy the conversations among old and new friends.

Holiday Fundraisers
Caledon's Cavorite Mines became endangered so the community has stepped up to shore up the mine walls with fundraisers this holiday season. For those who are not aware, cavorite has properties that defy physics which makes it a sought after element for Caledon's craftsmen and engineers. Mr. Jayleden Miles is leading the efforts to protect the mines. On December 11, join in the merriment of the Cavorite Mines Burlesque Show taking place at the Den of Sin and Iniquity. The first show begins at 12 pm SLT and the second show begins at 7 pm SLT. Mr. Lucian Brentano and Mr. Jayleden Miles are the hosts. Enjoy the burlesque dance entertainment provided by leading citizens of Caledon.

In conjunction with the Burlesque Show on December 11th, Miss Kaye Robbiani, well know Caledonian, is aiding the cause by sponsoring a Christmas Tree Build Contest. Prims will be limited for each Christmas Tree Build. There will be an entry fee of 25L to participate in this event. All entry fees will be donated to the Cavorite Mines. Builders will be given the opportunity if they wish to sell their trees at their own profit after the Contest. Voting will be done in the form of donations to the Cavorite Mines fund. First place winners will receive a Cavorite Trophy for display. Contest will be held on Ville de Giverny. Contacts for the event are Miss Robbiani and Mr. Jayleden Miles.

Dancing the Night Away at Holiday Balls
Caledon gentlefolk will be pulling out their dancing slippers for this holiday's "Little Season". Caledon's Oxbridge University Gateway will be holding the Winter's Night Ball hosted by the university deans. Miss Martini Discovolante and Miss Fogwoman Gray are hosting the event. Two Holiday Balls will be held on December 19th at noon for the euro session and 6 pm SLT for the western session on a skybound ballroom above the University ice rink. All are welcome and formal attire is optional. Landmark: Caledon Oxbridge. There will be music, dancing, and special surprises at the balls. Make sure you stop by for free Victorian ice skates designed by Miss Discovolante in the warming hut in the Rose Garden. Skating by the towering evergreen Christmas tree in the university quad offers a special feeling for the holiday season. The Caledon official tree was designed by the talented Miss Uni Ninetails, of Forest Floor.

On December 26th, the Boxing Day Formal Ball will give the gentlemen a chance to sign their ladies' dance cards. Waltzing to traditional music while dressed in their holiday best will be the theme for the evening. Their Graces, Miss Fogwoman Gray & Mr. Vivito Volare will be hostessing the Boxing Day event.

The "Little Season" will end on Twelfth Night, January 5th, with the Snow Queen Masque. Fantasy rules the night with frosty queens, Russian princes, trolls, and fairy princesses dancing in swirls of snowflakes and ice crystals. Costumes are encouraged. Contests for costume categories such as Best Snow Queen, Royal Prince, and more will be voted on by popular voting during the evening. Music will be provided by Her Grace Gabrielle Riel of Radio Riel. Her Grace Eleanor Anderton will host the masquerade ball at Caledon Rothesay from 6 pm SLT to 8 pm SLT high above Caledon Rothesay in a snow palace ballroom.

Watching the gathering winter storms
Winter Storms Coming to Caledon
The Independent State of Caledon invites one and all to join in the spirit of the winter holidays. Bundle yourself in your warmest wools and furs for what is promised by Governor Desmond Shang as one of the coldest Caledon winters on record. Join the gatherings at the local pubs and taverns while awaiting the ice and storms. Settle outside by a burning Yule log to watch the weather changes. This reporter understands that certain folk in the outlying estates are foreseeing frozen storms approaching the Firth of Caledon. Enjoy Caledon's "Little Season" in all of its winter beauty!

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