Fleet Week

11/16/09  at 10:12 PM

The Steamlands are quite abuzz over the events in this, the first ever Fleet Week. Watch the shores of New Babbage for the following events. The week will culminate with the Uniform Ball at Piermont Landing. This correspondent is sure the festivites will be nautical but nice!

New Babbage Presents
Fleet Week
The first ever gathering of Second Life's Steamland Navies!
Shipbuilders Contest * WindJammers Race*Submarine Races * Epic Ironclad Battles * Naval Review * Uniform Ball
New Babbage * November 15-21

* Epic Iron Melee, 7PM SLT...featuring the navies of the steamlands, slugging it out on the open ocean.

FRIDAY 11/20
* Fleet Review, 1PM SLT ... wherein the state-based navies of the Steamlands, in their finest regalia, present themselves for Review by the Public.

* Windjammer Race, 11AM SLT ... wherein the fastest tall masted and wind-powered ships compete in a heartstopping contest.

* Submarine Races, 2PM SLT ... wherein our finest submariners - and their daring mechanical marvels - will compete in an underwater tournament.

* Uniform Ball at Piermont Landing, 6PM SLT ... wherein uniformed officers and the Public dance the night away at a nautical-themed Ball hosted by Breezy Carver at Piermont Landing in New Babbage.

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