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11/22/09  at 2:55 PM
All Photographs in this article by Mr PJ Trenton

An exciting week of Fleet and Naval events culminated in the Fleet Formal Ball, hostessed by Miss Breezy Carver and DJ'd by Bats Enoch. As part of the event, Mr Aeolus Cleanslate, Maceholder and Admiral, announced the results of the various competitions that had been held:


On behalf of New Babbage, I'd like to officially thank you all for your contributions to Fleet Week!

In the great days of the 19th Century Navies, Fleet Reviews were used to display the ships and personnel at their absolute finest. They were not held at regular intervals, but occurred when the fleet was mobilised for war, or for a 'show of strength' to discourage potential enemies. However, in the 19th century they were often held for coronations or for special jubilees. As we all know, the pursuit of 19th century naval affairs has accelerated greatly in SecondLife recently - and that seemed as good a reason as any to have our first.
Fleet Week has been an idea waiting to happen for some time. I'm extremely pleased and humbled at its success.

As with the Fleet Reviews of old, the presence of foreign friendly navies was considered an honor for the hosts - so to all of you from other Steamlands, Babbage bids you Welcome and Thanks!

We'd also like to single out a few individuals for their contributions -
... Ghilayne Andrew for her build assistance on the wonderful viewing platforms
... Gabrielle Riel for the STELLAR soundtrack for the weekend on Radio Riel
... PJ Trenton of the Primgraph staff for some phenomenal photos (http://picasaweb.google.com/pj.trentonsl/BabbageFleetWeek - from whence the photographs illustrating this article are taken)
... Commodore Jedburgh30 Dagger for conducting the Iron Melee
... Cannoli Capalini for desiging fantastic awards for our contest/race winners
... and Mosseveno Tenk for graciously providing us with primcount and support

I'd also like to especially thank my beautiful and hardworking collaborator Miss Breezy Carver, without which none of this would have been accomplished.

As you know, we had several contests during the week, and I'm pleased to announce the winners, who will each received one of the awesome trophies on the table to my right, designed by Miss Cannolli Capalini. So without further ado -

The winners of the Windjammer Race, held this morning for Tall Ships -
(see a thrilling account of the races by Mr Wildstar Beaumont below ... )
Second Place: Wildstar Beaumont
... and First place: Admiral Jennings

I'd also like to offer a special thanks to Tinus Koskinen and blakopal Galicia for their participation - the event was breathtaking

The winners of the Submarine Races, held this afternoon - ANOTHER STIRRING EVENT -
Third place to Loki Eliot and the Urchins

Second place to Sir Edward Pearse
... and first place to the VERY RAPID Miss Mimika Ying
As many of you know, Doctor Obolensky was disqualified on a technicality, but the race committee has decided not to ban him from future events.

The winners of the Shipbuilding Contest -
As you'll all agree, the range and quantity of ships on display this week was awe-inspiring, and I'd like to offer my applause to ALL the participants. The judges reviewed the ships and it was an extremely difficult decision.
Third place goes to The Plank With A Nail(built by Sidney Arctor)
Second Place to the Collingwood (built by Kandace Commons)
First place (well deserved) goes to TSS theBrigg/Wildstar Beaumont (designed by Martina Lewsey)
... and the Peoples Choice Winner, by popular decision, goes to Untervoshboot (built by Vash Crimson)

And now for Best Uniforms -
Third place: Jimmy Branagh & Jedburgh30 Dagger
Second place: Rafael Fabre and Roswenthe Aluveaux
... and First place: Moses Mureaux & Sir Edward Pearse

Your trophies are on their way, folks! Thanks again to everyone - it was a thrilling week!

(Okay NOW we're done! Someone get me a case of those lozenges*. I'm going to bed.)

(* Miss Ceejay Writer was offering powerful throat lozenges for for afflicted with seasonal ailments.)


The Windjammers Race
by Captain Wildstar Beaumont

The Tall Ships Race was, together with the submarine race and the Uniform Ball, one of the Saturday Events of the Fleet Week in New Babbage.
The race was fun, with 3 races: two semifinals and a final.

There were just 4 entrants, but that did not make the event less interesting: Mr. Tinus Koskinen, Miss BlackOpal Galicia, Admiral Bridget Jennings, and yours truly, Captain Wildstar Beaumont. There was a good diversity in the ships that entered the race: a Schooner from the Black Spot Shipyard, a Trudeau, a ship from the the Southern Cross Shipyard, and my TSS Brigg.

The sail field was challenging. A loop around several sims, with some tricky crossings that let you out of control for several seconds, a narrow path with many gates to go through which made it difficult to pass once one was behind, and a very tricky area where one had to sail into the wind with the danger of getting stuck.

In the first race I faced Miss BlackOpal. It was a strange race: I believe her ship is not SL-wind propelled, which gave her an advantage at start, and I had to trail for a while. However, once my ship was up to speed it looked clear to me that the physical vehicle was sailing smoother and faster than the non-physical one. It is a pity that Black Spot ships do not work with SL wind. They are probably the most beautiful sailships in SL.

The second race saw Admiral Jennings with her SCS Battle Schooner to prevail over Mr.Tinus Koskinen. I missed the details of the race because I crashed right after my my stage.

In the final I had to face Admiral Jennings. There was little to tell. After the start, when we were head to head, she took the lead and I was not able to close the gap. On the side opposite the start line I had hoped for a while to be able to catch her, but after a while she sailed away again and I was able to see her just from a distance.

Congratulations to Admiral Jennings for a perfect race.

The crowd filled the viewing area and seemed to have a lot of fun, greatly enjoying the event.

(Editor's note: We did indeed have fun, Captain!)

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