Live at the Java Jive: Gigi Jasper and Steveeolio!

10/2/12  at 8:00 AM

Tuesday, October 2nd, from 6-8pm slt, we are happy to present Gigi Jasper and Steveeolio, live!
Throw on your prohibition-era glad rags and dancing shoes, and brace yourself to be knocked on your ear by some of the best*live* Jazz on the grid. The Java Jive is in Seraph City, Second Life’s premier Dieselpunk sim. (Though, if you wish, come as you are – vintage clothing is encouraged but not mandatory!)
Gigi Jasper has always been a bit of a ‘closet’ singer, and while the shoe collection is always great to be with, shoes just don’t appreciate her repertoire like her friends and fans do. Ms. Jasper has an eclectic range reflecting the diversity of her influences. Gigi’s forte is vintage Jazz. Her sound is Peggy Lee-esque but with a seductive tone you are unlikely to find elsewhere. Join Gigi to experience her sultry, yet vulnerable sound that makes her performances truly unique.
Steveeolio (AKA Steve Hayden) is a Real-Life musician and Second Life entertainer who is a unique treat for the Jazz connoisseur. His vocals are simple, yet haunting and his guitar playing is simply sublime. Steve’s quirky sense of humour, combined with his sweet guitar stylings and hypnotizing vocals make his sets a must have experience in Second Life entertainment.

The Java Jive in Seraph City

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