A Skull-Rattling Armada Halloween Party

10/25/12  at 10:41 AM
AHOY!  By direct order of Commander Vernden Jervil, Armadans and their friends will gather on The Sovereign in Armada Breakaway this Saturday, October 27th from 9pm to 11pm slt.
Sredni Eel of Avatar Bizarre will join us to play a mix of Pirate, Steampunk, Halloween and New Wave music.

Furthermore, it is requested that you arrive in costume. The sillier, the better.  (Our commander is quite fond of Silly Stuff.)  If ever there was a time to dig that mutant star goat costume out of your closet, this would be the night!


Before getting silly, you are highly encouraged to attend the 5th Annual Masquerade Ball at Piermont Landing  in New Babbage (prizes for the best dressed!) from 6pm to 9m slt.

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