Mayor of New Babbage arrested in Grand Tour Shock Crisis!

5/15/10  at 7:16 PM
During the course of the visit of the Grand Tour to New Babbage for the 2nd Annual Robbers Barons Ball at Piermont Landing , the Mayor, Mr Mosseveno Tenk, was arrested by the City's Maceholder, Mr Aeolus Cleanslate.

The Mayor - also the City's Clockwinder - was arrested, said Mr Cleanslate, "For being curmudgeonly and generally Tenky, the Clockwinder shall serve a term until the good people of New Babbage decide to release him. When - if - he is released, he has to be nice for a month."

Many of the citizens are currently engaged in raising money to see the Clockwinder released.

Rumours suggest that another faction are endeavouring to raise the funds to see that his imprisonment continues.

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