Enjoy Talented Caledon, Celebrating Wunderbar and First Nighting Wizards!

5/22/10  at 10:15 AM
Another packed weekend of events for people in the Steamlands!

First of all comes the long-awaited competition (in aid of Relay for Life) - "Caledon's Got Talent!"

Yes, this weekend sees the opening of the new, truly Victorian 'Britannia' theatre, with a gala variety show - 'Caledon's Got Talent!'. On the 22nd and 23rd May from 2-4pm SLT, an intrepid band of more than twenty artistes will perform for the benefit of Relay For Life.

This historical 'Royal Command' performance is likely to take place in the presence of Her Majesty Queen Victoria and His Royal Highness Prince Albert. It is also rumoured that HE The Guvnah, Desmond Shang, and the Vicereine, Miss Kamilah Hauptmann herself may also be in attendance, according to some early indications.

Miss Elspeth Woolley and Mr Adzer Thorne have directed this fine team of talented troupers and the whole performance will be conducted under the alliterative baton of Mr Denny Kozlov. Miss Soliel Snook will be in sole charge of the gramophone and has a new needle for her exclusive use for this single purpose

A 'no-expenses-spared' ball to celebrate the conclusion of festivities is planned for Sunday 23 May, between 4:30-6pm SLT, on the well- manicured lawns of Miss Garnet Psaltery's Where Eyre estate - with fireworks!

A passing sheep was heard to say " Oh my.. I've waited so long for this...only one more day to contain my excitement. I do hope there are still tickets to be had! "

From what this reporter has heard on the grapevine...that little lamb had better hurry if she doesn't wish to be disappointed...baaaaa!


This weekend also marks the Third Anniversary of Wunderbar - and they have a whole range of exciting activities planned!

See the poster below ...

Click on the poster to see an enlarged version.


And finally, if seeing (or not being able to get tickets for) the performance of Alice in Wonderland by the Avatar Repertory Theater has whetted your appetite for Second Life drama, news has reached us of another grand theatrical event:

The location for this event is: The Impressionist Hall at http://slurl.com/secondlife/Indigo/186/4/42. Tickets prices are by donation.

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