Aether Salon celebrates Music!

5/11/10  at 4:01 PM
Press release from Aether Salon:
Aether Salon
Sunday, May 16 at 2 pm slt

Babbage Palisade & Academy of Industry

On a warm spring evening, you and a group of friends head over to the bandstand to listen to the music of -- wait! What music did Victorians enjoy? What songs, what kind of performances, and in what venues did they hear music? How does Steampunk music compare to actual 19th century music?

Miss Gabrielle Riel of Radio Riel is our honoured speaker this month who will enlighten, entertain, and elucidate on this fascinating topic. Our knowledgeable speaker will also share some insights on how she's used music in Second Life to enhance community in different sims.

Please join us for a musical afternoon.

Sera, Viv, & Jed