Where Next for The Primgraph?

4/16/10  at 8:25 PM
We had a wonderful party at Jabberwock today - with Primgraph staff and fans - and stars of The Quest for the Golden Prim - mingling and enjoying flagons of rum with the pirates of Jabberwock.

We also decided to announce what the theme for the next issue of The Primgraph would be. Last issue, some readers expressed disappointment that they had not known the theme in advance as they would have liked to contribute or have been more involved. So we decided that we would announce in advance what we are planning to cover, and tonight that announcement was made!

Next issue, we will be visiting the region of Steeltopia ... and our over-arching theme will be Airship Pirates!

If readers and/or advertisers are interested in discussing how they could be involved in this issue, they are asked to contact Saffia Widdershins or Ceejay Writer before May 1st.

There are two key ways of making sure you have a place in The Primgraph magazine:
1) Do something newsworthy - and make sure you send a press release with pictures to The Primgraph, or ask us to send a reporter to cover the event.

2) Buy an advertisement. The continuation of The Primgraph - and our ability to deliver high quality articles and stunning photographs - depends entirely on the level of advertisement we attract. And buying an advertisement will place you at the heart of the magazine - even a standard priced ad will place you amongst the content that the Steamlands and vintage sims read and discuss.

3) Even better - do both of the above!

There will also be a few opportunities for working on joint projects with this issue of The Primgraph which will be produced in time for World Steam Expo in Michigan, USA. If you are interested in this, contact Saffia Widdershins or Ceejay Writer before May 1st.

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G said...

Hello... I just now found The Primgraph and its website.... and the steam expo. I'm originally from that area. If you're going, the museum is incredible, the village is awesome! Take MUCH note of what you find there... the car JFK was shot in, Thomas Edison's *house* in the village, and do not, I repeat, do not forget to see the Allegheny. It's the most important steam locomotive in there and arguably the largest ever made, with only two surviving - #1601 (the first made) at the Henry Ford Museum, and the other in Baltimore, with the one at the expo *STILL LEAKS OIL!* Take as many pictures as you can!

The Detroit area is the Great North American Ghost Town - the very image of urban dystopia. I'm going to miss the expo due to a wedding in New York (I didn't know about it! <:`[ ) but you're going to have a grand time!