Team Caledon RFL 2010 Events

4/6/10  at 6:17 PM
Team Caledon RFL 2010 April Events

April 10, 2010

Our Lady of Hope Hospital and Vendor Garden Open House in Caledon Caer Firnas

Come walk through Our Lady of Hope Hospital and Vendor Garden. In the Our Lady of Hope Hospital you will learn many things and see this marvelous build by Vivito Volare and Fogwoman Gray.And just outside the hospital you will find the Vendor Garden this years shopping center for team Caledon RFL 2010. All residents of Caledon are welcome to place a vendor with an item for sale with all proceeds be given to the Relay for Life for the American Cancer Society for cancer research.

The Open House will be an all day event. Come wander at your leisure through the Our Lady of Hope Hospital and enjoy some shopping in the Vendor Garden outside along the purple brick road.

April 17 - 18, 2010

Steam SkyCity's 3rd Annual Spring Egg Hunt

Steam SkyCity's 3rd Annual Spring Egg Hunt. Join us in Steam SkyCity as her resident Misunderstood Geniuses and Mad Scientists attempt to take your sanity. Eggs containing Fabulous Prizes will be hidden throughout the Sim. The "Hints that Don't Help" will be provided again this year as well.

April 24, 2010 at 3pm-5pm

Mediterranean Beach Party for RFL

Come join in for a Mediterranean Beach Party on the coast of Numantia a region within the Realm of the Roses off the west coast of Caledon. A beautiful sim by Stonehedg Magic and Wordsmith Jarvinen will host this day in the sun for RFL. Come in your best Victorian beach wear.

Note: If you would like to offer an item for sale in an RFL Vendor please contact Lucien Brentano, Captain for Team Caledon 2010.
Please note that anyone can offer an item for sale in the RFL Vendors. We encourage shopkeepers to place items in dual locations such as their shops and the Vendor Garden to give the best coverage possible in offering items for donations.
If youre not a shopkeeper and are in doubt about offering your creation please contact Lucien Brentano in-world to discuss your item. He will be happy to speak to you about your concerns. Also, the Vendor Garden is the perfect location for everyone to place vendors with items including those new to SL.