Saturday's revue at the Marzipan Teahouse

4/13/10  at 4:56 AM
The Marzipan Sweeties have long been entertaining guests at the Marzipan Teahouse in Magellan Kinvara. These young ladies have been entrusted to Miss Elspeth Woolley by their discerning parents. Miss Woolley sees to their proper formation and presents them in a monthly themed dance performance.

The theme for the April 10 performance was "Woodland Fairy" with music by Her Grace, Lady Gabrielle Riel, and featuring the dancing talents of Eve Compton, Petronella Piers, Finella Flanagan, Tehanu Marenwolf, and Briana Sirbu. As the curtain drew back, it was breathtaking to see the Sweeties dressed in richly coloured fairy gowns with wings to match. Their dance was mesmerizing, twirling and floating on air, but their line seemed incomplete. These suspicions were confirmed when the last dancer emerged from the wings. Withholding her name for the sake of her parents and the other Sweeties, this Soiled Dove was dishevelled and bruised, her costume torn and a bottle clutched in her hand. She claimed to have been kidnapped by pirates who poured a bottle of rum down her throat. Although we must take her word for it, one must wonder if her tale could have been influenced by the latest issue of the Primgraph.

Needless to say, the appearance caused quite a scene. Many, if not all, in attendance were shocked. The dancers attempted to carry on with the performance as best they could, but it was too much for Miss Woolley. Several times she was overcome with emotion. Smelling salts were passed around, though many of us wished that someone with medical experience was in attendance. Throughout the chaos, Lady Gabrielle Riel was a complete professional, continuing her narration and inspiring music.

When asked for a quote, the Soiled Dove stated, "Miss Woolley is the dearest and sweetest Chaperone in the world and she would never send me off to the convent no matter what happened." Many Sweeties seem in fear of Miss Woolley, but perhaps her firm hand is necessary with these ladies.

When the curtains drew closed at the end of the performance, Miss Woolley quickly ushered the young ladies backstage, saying that she had to meet with them all. Being a long time supporter of the Teahouse, one hopes that the problems with these ladies will be short-lived, and we look forward to them returning for another wonderful performance in May.


Gabrielle Riel said...
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Gabrielle Riel said...

Thank you for your glowing review Miss Greenwood!

And Lady Els and I have decided to send our Soiled Dove to the Lady Betty (Ford) Boarding House for some...relaxation. We do hope that she will have reform...ah...relaxed in time for next month's review!

Rhianon Jameson said...

Quite shocking behavior. Terrible, terrible. Um, out of curiosity, did the young lady say where she had procured the spirits? No particular reason I'm asking. Certainly nothing along the lines of my favorite bootlegger being temporarily out of business and a guest of the Guvnah.