Winterfell Ravens Reach Opening!

3/30/10  at 10:50 AM

In a few days a new Winterfell sim named Winterfell Ravens Reach will be installed east of Winterfell Eventide and north of Winterfell Illyria.

Raven's Reach will host a wonderful event of inauguration, welcoming all to this glorious new landscape! Classical music, subtly progressing into the more modern as well as a prize hunt shall be but part of the celebrations!

April 1st, 2010
6pm to 7pm SLT

Winterfell reaches new heights of its spectacular amenity and style, all are welcome and indeed invited to become part of this great community, and the broader "traditional" communities of Second Life.



Ravens Reach will be the first sim to experience the renaissance of Winterfell's theme and outlook. You'll see subtle changes starting in the north and working their way south, where the old heart of Winterfell reclaims its heritage.

Dark fantasy themes, ranging from Late Middle Ages (14th century) to Baroque (early 18th century) will be encouraged across Winterfell. This might sound strange to you, but because Winterfell is a land of dreams, style and "period" are able to merge and meld together. Most
important is the underlying narrative.

More telling than exact replicas of real world architecture, creativity and story telling rule the day.

- Want to play a sweet virginal spinster from 1750? SURE! Bury a few poisoned suitors in your basement.

- Want to play a retired Commodore from the Spanish Armada? OKAY! Crew your ship with Spanish lisping Zombies.

- Maybe a noble knight? Perfect! You must sacrifice a virgin monthly to keep that buff physique.

Create your own story and run with it ... Winterfell embraces and encourages all things dark and and a little dangerous.



A few nights ago I had a dream, a dream of a cliffy green mountain rising up from the seas of Winterfell. And when I woke up I felt the command to travel north in search of this mountain.

I traveled through each region, each neighborhood and rowing though the channels and streams of Winterfell.

The morning passed into afternoon and afternoon into night and night into dreams.

When woke again, the sounds of night birds singing all around me and the grass tickling my face and a soft whisper in my ear …

“I am here”

… and when I opened my eyes and looked up I saw that I was in Winterfell Eventide looking east over the ocean. Beneath the deep blue of the sea and the brilliant moon light reflecting off the surface, I saw the primal swirling urge for creation dancing in the waters.

My hand moving with its own will reached into the pocket of my traveling coat to draw out a coin. I looked down at it. A Winterfell Crown. I turned it over in my hand looking at the engraving and was reminded of the moment Winterfell was born. With a smile upon my lips
I threw the crown into the sea.

The entire world went silent, as if it was taking a deep breath. The exhale started as a rumble deep in the ground and bubbling up through the water and then a light was kindled deep in the blue depths. I could see it circling as it made its way to the surface and then suddenly with a great ripping sound broke free of the waves shooting up to the sky … a raven!

A raven, black and sleek and gloriously soaring up to the stars, reaching for its dreams.


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Beautiful Serra, quite simply.....beautiful.

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