What could possibly go wrong in Steam Sky City?

3/14/10  at 4:29 PM
Today Desmond Shang, Guvnah of Caledon, celebrates his fifth rezzday, much to the delight of all loyal citizens of Caledon - and we at The Primgraph wish to add our congratulations.

There is a celebration planned - and a notice has been received from Fogwoamn Gray:
In honor of our esteemed leader, the Benevolent Dictator of Caledon, you are invited to join us in Caledon Steam SkyCity on March 14th at 6pm to celebrate his 5th rezday.
Dress is Old School, older styles and system clothing/hair with Harry Potter glasses if you wish...
Magz will be spinning with her usual style, security is in place to ensure the safety of all attending.

It will be Perfectly Safe. Safe. Perfectly.

In view of this reassurance, we were slightly troubled, standing in the courtyard of The Primgraph Press, to see signs of unexpected fires breaking out on Steam Sky City earlier today ...

But no matter! We are looking forward to attending the party later today ...

Although rumour has reached us that Steam Sky City is under attack by ... pirates?

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