RFL Caledon Team Events March 27-April 18 2010

3/23/10  at 7:53 PM
March 27, 2010
Please note that all times listed are PDT or the time in SL also known as SLT.

1pm - 3pm A Scottish Night for RFL hosted by Monty Streusel - DJ Soliel Snook
This event will be located in Caledon Downs.
The theme for this event is scottish and scottish clothes are preferred.

April 3, 2010 at 12pm-3pm in Caledon Wellsian on the Begonia-Avalance Estate (up in the mountain range facing the north side of the sim near the border of Morgaine)
Pirates of the Caledonian...on Ice! Cap'n Fuschia Begonia and her Cabinboy Alfonso Avalanche sail back into Caledon waters for their fourth piratical shindig. But now the ship seems to be icebound!

April 10, 2010


April 17 & 18, 2010

Steam SkyCity's 3rd Annual Spring Egg Hunt. Join us in Steam SkyCity as her resident Misunderstood Geniuses and Mad Scientists attempt to take your sanity. Eggs containing Fabulous Prizes will be hidden throughout the Sim. The "Hints that Don't Help" will be provided again this year as well, which are always a fun read!

For any questions regarding Team Caledon RFL 2010 please contact one of the Team Captains in-world by notecard. Team Captains are Lucien Brentano and Fogwoman Gray. The Vendor Coordinator is Kitsuko Pelazzi. For RFL vendors and information in regarding setting up a vendor for Team Caledon contact Kitsuko in-world by notecard or email at kit.pelazzi@gmail.com

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