Seraph City: Local PI Busted for Bar Brawl

8/31/12  at 4:44 AM
by Herb Franklin

Altercation at the Java Jive, Seraph City
  Seraph City Police Department  officers last night arrested two men following a violent altercation at the Java Jive that resulted in extensive damage to the popular night club.

  Peter Sanderson remains hospitalized from injuries sustained in a fight  with local Private Investigator Harland Quinn. 

It remains unclear who threw the first punch
  Witnesses report that the two were arguing loudly moments before but it remains unclear who threw the first punch. 

   SCPD Sergeant Norman Hawke said both men would be charged with assault and disturbing the peace.  Doctors say Sanderson is likely to make a near-full recovery.

Quinn in custody
   It isn't the first time a fight has broken out at the Java Jive. Despite the damage, owner Ceejay Writer said residents could be sure that the Jive is "open as usual, with all the fine service and music they've come to expect... The club's sturdy as an ox and built to take whatever comes."

   Miss Writer had no kind words about either of the men arrested. "I've just about had it with replacing vases.  That was real china! From China! And you can tell Quinn - never mind. I'll tell him myself, soon enough."

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