One of Our Biggins is Missing

8/23/12  at 12:02 PM
Entering the popular New Babbage establishment known as The Gangplank, your glance around would show you two Babbage sandhogs sharing some pints off in the corner. Were you able to get close enough to listen to their conversation--unlikely, as sandhogs are a notoriously taciturn lot--you would hear this:

"Ya hear about ol' Biggins?"

"No! Wot's 'e got 'imself into this time?"

"No one knows! Clean disappeared, 'e 'as."

"Pah--not like 'e 'asn't done that afore."

"True. But even when 'e were taken by the dark mer for a time, 'e were able to send messages to 'is old mum. You know 'ow 'e doesn't like 'er to worry. But now? Not a sightin', not a word."


"An' wot's more... afore 'e disappeared, 'e were seen wit' a right smart-lookin' young woman."

"Prob'ly that Ms. Widdershins. You know 'ow she gets 'im in trouble alla time."

"No, no--no one knew who this one was. No one'd seen 'er afore. Some think 'e's left Babbage completely."

"Huh. Well, I'll keep an eye out for 'im. But if 'e 'as actually left Babbage, I 'ope 'e ends up someplace as is less trouble for 'im."

"Aye. Well, I've finished me pint. Must be off."

"See ya tomorrow, then."

And if you had heard such, you would, hopefully, resolve to keep an eye out yourself for Mr. Biggins--whether in New Babbage or around the Aethernet--so you could alleviate the worries of his dear old mum.

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