Watch Designing Worlds explore the dark fantasy in Winterfell

3/3/11  at 8:26 PM
Join us on a journey to the dark beauties of Winterfell, a fantasy region that ranges from dark Victorian to the high fantasy of the northern forests.

We were joined on our journey by Serra Anansi, the Senschelf of Winterfell (and for an explanation of that title, you will need to see the show!) and Captain Wildstar Beaumont, a long-time supporter of both Winterfell and Designing Worlds (who found it fascinating to be on the other side of the cameras!). The Captain, of course, may be better known to some of you as the avatar behind Ralph Montcalm, hero in the web comic, The Quest for the Golden Prim.

We managed to see quite a lot of this fascinating region, even if the seas did prove rather stormy when we took to the famous Winterfell Ferry (recently chosen by Steamlanders as the Most Romantic Location in the Steamlands). So make sure you watch it soon!

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