Caledon's RFL Kick-off Party and Silent Auction

3/13/11  at 4:46 PM
The Caledon Relay For Life fundraiser started officially on Sunday, March 13th with a silent auction over Caledon Oxbridge Village. The music was under the baton of Miss Magdalena Kamenev (corrected!), and the platform was provided by Miss AutopilotPatty Poppy, together offering a very appropriate environment for the bidding, stirred up at proper interval by the Caledon captain, Miss Garnet Psaltery. 

Most items finished in the thousands, reaching L$4050 for a higly sought cherrywood SPVC rifle from 1903, offered by Captain Rachire Andel. Three different—and beautiful—roses were also hotly disputed, all ranging between L$2050 and L$3000. Yours truly was also astonished that her offer of two poems went for L$4250.

The total collected reached the impressive amound of L$27,700. And to make it even better, a donation kiosk amassed an extra L$14,800, for a total amount (as I write this) of L$114,050 for the Caledon Team. Impressive start, Caledon!


Fogwoman Gray said...

Music was provided by Magdalena Kamenev, a well respected Caledon DJ. Miss Outlander is no relation :)

Stereo Nacht said...

Eek! Right! The worst thing? I checked! Then when I wrote, my brain shorted... I'll change that right away, and my apologies to all concerned!