Designing Worlds discovers the mystery of the stolen books in New Babbage

12/11/12  at 5:50 PM
Now available on the web - our seasonal New Babbage show! 

There's a coal shortage in snow-covered New Babbage, as Saffia and Elrik pay one of their periodic visits to the steampunk city. But they're just visiting some of the libraries there ... what could possibly go wong?

An Unexpected Encounter in New Babbage
Before long, Saffia and Elrik, aided by the Assistant Maceholder Victor Mornington and Librarian Bookworm Heinrichs - accompanied, of course, by a hapless Mr Biggins - are dragged into an adventure involving stolen books, seasonal curses and a highly dangerous book, fit to be mentioned in the same breath as the Necronomicon and the Book of Al Azarine ...

Uncle Tingly's Christmas Tales for New Babbage Young 'Uns, secure in its case

Uncle Tingly book designed and created by Edward Pearse
, Bookstand (and chains) designed and created by Beq Janus

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