Christmas in New Babbage: Part 5: Caught!

12/30/11  at 8:03 AM
It’s Christmas in the steampunk city of New Babbage – what could possibly go wrong?

Story by Saffia Widdershins
Photos by Wildstar Beaumont

Story so far:
While Mr Elrik Merlin explores the latest in steam sleighs with Miss Beq Janus, the renowned engineer, Miss Saffia Widdershins accompanies Mr Victor Mornington to hide Christmas presents in his secret store where they have discovered a secret Santa ... and they're about to find out why he's wearing a gas mask!

Now read on:

Christmas in New Babbage: Part 5
You can read the full story – and a lot more – in the Christmas issue of Prim Perfect! Or you can see it filmed for Designing Worlds at Treet.TV!

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