Last Chance to publish your Valentine love in the Primgraph!

1/31/10  at 5:21 AM
Valentine's Day is coming ... Do you want to shout your love from the rooftops? Do you want to share a secret? Do you want to declare your love in doggerel or in high-sounding couplets, or accompanied with exquisite images of hearts and roses?

You can do all this with the special Valentine's feature in The Primgraph - but today is your LAST CHANCE!

This month we will be publishing a special classified section - for YOUR Valentine's Day messages. You can tell your love in twenty words or - at the far end of the scale - book a double page spread. There's a size - and a price - to suit all pockets.

And that's it... Your honey or your Cuddleduck or Best
Pal will know what is in your heart as soon as the next issue of Primgraph is on
the stands.


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